2020 Drug-Free Workplace - Supervisor Renewal Training (1-hour)

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As a supervisor, you are responsible for the safety and productivity of your employees. Substance abuse has a profound effect on both of these.

As a result of the overwhelming evidence of the negative effect of employees under the influence of substances, many companies and organizations have instituted the Drug-Free Workplace Program.

This course fulfills the one hour annual requirement for training.

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Nancy Pommerening

An Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist, retired teacher, and Director of Drug Awareness and Prevention. I provide prevention programming in the workplace, communities and schools.


1 Part 1: Introduction

Why do Supervisors need to be involved in employees' possible substance abuse? What do I need to do?

  1. Introduction to Supervisor's Role in the Drug-Free Workplace
  2. Please read this article about your responsibilities as a Supervisor in a Drug-Free Workplace.

2 Part 2: Observe the Behavior

What am I looking for? What is Reasonable Suspicion?

  1. Observe the Behavior
  2. Review this "Recognizing Job Performance Problems" checklist. It is an outline of areas of problem behavior.

3 Part 3: Documentation, Confidentiality and Implementation

Enforce your DFWP Policy effectively and correctly. Then, try a simple Role Play

  1. Part 3: Documentation, Confidentiality, and Implementation
  2. Here is a sample "Observed Behavior" checklist for you to review.
  3. Here is a short "DEA checklist" for those times when you need to take quick action.
  4. Another "Checklist of Reasonable Suspicion" for your review.


  1. Identify Your Concerns

5 Part 4: Confronting an Employee

What should I say? DOs and DON'Ts

  1. Confronting an Employee

6 Step 5: Referral for Drug or Alcohol Testing

Step-by-Step procedure to follow. What to do, and how to do it.

  1. Referral for Testing

7 Part 6: Offering Assistance

What to do after an employee tests "Positive" for a substance that violates your DFWP Policy

  1. Offering Assistance

8 Conclusion

Follow your company's written Drug Free Policy

  1. It is your responsibility to read and understand your company's Drug-Free Workplace Policy. If you have questions, ask your supervisor or DFWP program manager.
  2. Have you read your company's Drug Free Workplace Policy?


  1. Drug-Free Workplace - Supervisor Training Quiz
  2. How did you do?
  3. 2nd Quiz
  4. Did you do better?
  5. 3rd Quiz

10 Conclusion

We would appreciate your responses to a very brief poll.

  1. Please evaluate this course by choosing all that apply.
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