Open Progress Text Troop 101

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Get to know Open Progress Text Troop and how to begin texting for change with us in this handy 101 Introduction course!


Elizabeth Haynes

Co-Founder of Open Progress and OPro, LLC. Love engaging with voters to change hearts and minds.


1 Introduction to Open Progress Text Troop

What is the Open Progress Text Troop, and who are we?

  1. Open Progress' mission is to reduce the influence of money in government. We work with progressive organizations, campaigns, and candidates via our not-for-profit (c)4 and associated LLC, OPro.
  2. Who are we? Well, in a nutshell: YOU. We are volunteer-led with more than 1600 people (and counting) in our Slack team, and our actions are run by a combination of (very few) paid staff and (mostly) volunteers. We believe in the power of us all to take action and make change.

2 Texting Software: Get Set-up on Relay

First things first: you have to get familiar with the texting software in order to be a success!

  1. Create the needed Relay account for this campaign by clicking this link and following the instructions:
  2. Relay - Watch How to Send Messages
  3. Relay - Scripted replies
  4. Relay - Self Serve Training: please go here and read through all the sections

3 Text Troop Community Rules

We follow various best practices in our texting community. We'll outline them here.

  1. Community Rule #1: Be courteous, not argumentative
  2. Community Rule #2: Respect the scripts
  3. Community Rule #3: Everyone deserves a kind reply. No ghosting.
  4. Community Rule #4: Data matters, so don't skip it
  5. Community Rule #5: Everyone takes the Quiz
  6. Community Rule #6: Feedback makes us all better

4 Texting-Specific Rules of the Road

  1. Texting with us might be a little different than other places
  2. Texting rule: Fill out the survey questions
  3. Texting rule: Always review the training materials
  4. Texting rule: Opt Out policy
  5. Texting rule: Wrong numbers
  6. Texting rule: Archiving
  7. Texting rule: When in doubt, check the Campaign Information Library
  8. Texting rule: There are no bad questions
  9. Texting rule: You own your replies
  10. Texting rule: Computer, please!

5 Using Slack with Open Progress Text Troop

Open Progress uses Slack to manage assignments and provide texters with real-time suppoort!

  1. Using Slack with Open Progress Text Troop

6 Take our Text Troop 101 quiz!

  1. Let's review!

7 Time to start texting!

  1. To get going, head over to Slack!