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As a supervisor, you are responsible for the safety and productivity of your employees. Substance abuse has a profound effect on both of these.

As a result of the overwhelming evidence of the negative effect of employees under the influence of substances, many companies and organizations have instituted the Drug-Free Workplace Program.

This course fulfills the two hour requirement for initial training.

In addition to following the online coursework, you will be asked to read and respond to some workplace examples of possible intoxication. After emailing your responses to the facilitator at nep@DrugAwarenessAndPrevention.org, your responses will be evaluated, and a Certificate will be given if you have successfully completed the course work.

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Nancy Pommerening

An Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist, retired teacher, and Director of Drug Awareness and Prevention. I provide prevention programming in the workplace, communities and schools.


1 Part 1: Introduction

Why do Supervisors need to be involved in employees' possible substance abuse? What do I need to do?

  1. Introduction to Supervisor's Role in the Drug-Free Workplace
  2. Please read this article about your responsibilities as a Supervisor in a Drug-Free Workplace.

2 Part 2: Observe the Behavior

What am I looking for? What is Reasonable Suspicion?

  1. Observe the Behavior
  2. Review this "Recognizing Job Performance Problems" checklist. It is an outline of areas of problem behavior.

3 Part 3: Documentation, Confidentiality and Implementation

Enforce your DFWP Policy effectively and correctly. Then, try a simple Role Play

  1. Part 3: Documentation, Confidentiality, and Implementation
  2. Here is a sample "Observed Behavior" checklist for you to review.
  3. Here is a short "DEA checklist" for those times when you need to take quick action.
  4. Another "Checklist of Reasonable Suspicion" for your review.

4 Part 4: Confronting an Employee

What should I say? DOs and DON'Ts

  1. Confronting an Employee
  2. If you are applying for the initial TWO HOUR supervisor certificate, open this document. Select FOUR (4) of the scenarios, and submit your responses to nep@DrugAwarenessAndPrevention.org, after you have completed the course. We will supply a two hour certificate via email.

5 Step 5: Referral for Drug or Alcohol Testing

Step-by-Step procedure to follow. What to do, and how to do it.

  1. Referral for Testing

6 Part 6: Offering Assistance

What to do after an employee tests "Positive" for a substance that violates your DFWP Policy

  1. Offering Assistance

7 Conclusion

Follow your company's written Drug Free Policy

  1. It is your responsibility to read and understand your company's Drug-Free Workplace Policy. If you have questions, ask your supervisor or DFWP program manager.
  2. Have you read your company's Drug Free Workplace Policy?


  1. Drug-Free Workplace - Supervisor Training Quiz
  2. How did you do?
  3. 2nd Quiz
  4. Did you do better?
  5. 3rd Quiz

9 Conclusion

We would appreciate your responses to a very brief poll.

  1. Please evaluate this course by choosing all that apply.
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