Crystal Healing Practitioner

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This is a highly practical course designed to develop confidence and skills required to be a professional crystal therapist. Over the course of the program I will be sharing lots of information, skills and practices that will help you to be a competent crystal therapist.

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Buy Now US$ 500.00

I don’t believe in coincidences but do believe in divine intervention. So, I don’t think its an accident that you find yourself here.

If you have been dreaming of becoming a certified crystal therapist or adding in crystal healing to your current holistic practice - this course is for you!

I have been a professional crystal therapist for over 25 years and I bring this experience to the content and techniques you will find within the course.

I am also a qualified teacher, coach and mentor and have had the honour of helping hundreds of students to realize their dreams. I know how to build knowledge, skills and confidence incrementally - so you won't feel overwhelmed.

Working as a crystal therapist is a gift to the world and I am excited you are considering this. Our crystal allies are ready, willing and supremely able to work with us and I know that there are so many people out their that will benefit from your knowledge and skill.

I am excited to be offering this program online. It is an exact replica of my in person course but of course it is totally flexible. You get to choose your schedule.

Don't be fooled into thinking because its online you wont be able to feel supported or that it wont be practical. It is highly practical and there are opportunities within each module to practice the techniques being taught. You will learn from reading written materials, watching videos and listening to audio files. And don't worry - you won't be on your own. There are so many ways in which you can connect with your tutor, including 4 1:1 video chats along the way.

As this is a certified program, there are assessment requirements you need to complete before you graduate. But don't worry. By the time you get to these you will feel confident enough to rock them (sorry, about the pun). I can honestly say that all my students feel proud after they successfully complete the program and know that they have achieved something amazing!

I know that you will be ready to step into professional practice as a crystal therapist and that your clients will benefit from your skills, care and attention.

AND if that is not enough! you also received two additional modules after you complete. The first one is designed to support you to build a holistic business and the second is lithomancy which is the ancient art of using crystals for divination!

If you have any questions - shoot me an email at

Crystal Hugs


Buy Now US$ 500.00


International College of Energy Healing

Learn, Evolve and Grow with the International College of Energy Healing. We provide high quality in-person, online and distance learning programs in a variety of energy and metaphysical subjects. Many programs lead to certification which enable you to practice professionally.


1 Welcome and Introduction to the program

In this module you will be learning about the program of study you are embarking upon.

  1. Welcome to the Program
  2. Watch the Welcome Video
  3. Download the Module Workbook
  4. Watch the Introduction Video
  5. Recommended Crystals
  6. Equipment Required
  7. Course Structure
  8. Practice Sessions with Friends and Family Members
  9. Assessment and Certification
  10. Successful Online Learning
  11. Book time with your Tutor

2 Crystal Therapy Basics

In this module you will learn about the nature of crystals, how they are formed as well as basic terminology. You will explore the history of crystal healing and how crystals work as well as some of the basic techniques and practices a crystal therapist will undertake.

  1. Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  2. Download the Module Workbook
  3. Lesson 1: Crystal Allies
  4. Lesson 2: What is Crystal Therapy?
  5. Lesson 3: The History of How Crystals Have been Used
  6. Lesson 4: How Crystals Support Wellness
  7. Activity 1: Feeling Crystal Energy
  8. Activity 2: Experience Crystal Energy
  9. Lesson 5: The Difference between Healing and Therapy
  10. Lesson 6: Crystals, Rocks and Stones
  11. Lesson 7: Crystal Shapes and Uses
  12. Lesson 8: Formations of Clear Quartz
  13. Lesson 9: Crystal Research
  14. Activity 3: Blue Kyanite Meditation
  15. Lesson 10: Using a Pendulum
  16. Review the Pendulum Dowsing Slide Deck
  17. Watch the Video
  18. Lesson 11: Choosing, Handling and Storing Crystals
  19. Lesson 12: Cleansing and Charging Crystals
  20. Lesson 13: Storing Crystals
  21. Lesson 14: Colour and Crystals
  22. Activity 4: Optional. Feeling Colour
  23. Lesson 15: Creating a Sacred Space
  24. CREATING YOUR ALTAR: Learn how to create your own sacred space and altar
  25. Lesson 16 - Crystal Healing Kit
  26. Additional Resources
  27. Module Assessment

3 The Nature of Illness and Disease

You will explore the energetic basis for illness and disease as well as the impact that stress has on our wellness. You will learn techniques to manage stress, including relaxation and meditation before learning about the Auric Field and Chakra System.

  1. Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  2. Download the Module Manual
  3. Lesson 1: The Energetic Basis of Disease
  4. Lesson 2: The Impact of Stress
  5. Activity 1: Conscious Breathing
  6. Activity 2: Crystal Research - Reducing Stress with Crystals
  7. Lesson 3: Meditation
  8. Reflection: Personal Meditation Practice
  9. Activity3: Guided Meditation
  10. Lesson 4: The Aura
  11. Activity 5: Feeling your Aura
  12. Activity 6: Selenite Breathing
  13. Crystal Healing Technique 1: 5-Line Aura Clearing
  14. Crystal Healing Technique 2: Dowsing Aura Layers
  15. Crystal Technique 3: Aura Cleanse with a Crystal Wand
  16. Crystal Technique 4: Removing stale energy from the auric field
  17. Crystal Healing Technique 5: Removing blocked energy with a wand
  18. Lesson 5: Psychic Protection, Centering and Grounding
  19. Activity 6: Bubble Visualization
  20. Lesson 6: The Chakra System
  21. Crystal Healing Technique 6: Chakra Assessment of a Client
  22. Crystal Healing Technique 7: Undertaking a Chakra Layout
  23. Download the Chakra Meditation Script
  24. Additional Resources
  25. Module Assessment

4 Creating Crystal Grids

In this module you will learn about sacred geometry and how this applies to the creation and use of crystal grids. You will also learn a step by step process to set up your own crystal grid.

  1. Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  2. Download the Module Manual
  3. Lesson 1: What is a Crystal Grid?
  4. Lesson 2: Earth and Light Grids
  5. Lesson 3: Sacred Geometry
  6. lesson 4: How to Create a Crystal Grid
  7. Activity 1: Create Your Own Crystal Grid
  8. Additional Resources
  9. CREATING CRYSTAL GRIDS: Learn how to create a crystal grid and help me create a world healing grid

5 Crystal Layouts and Additional Techniques

In this module you will be learning how to expand your practice beyond a simple chakra layout. The module will culminate in you performing a chakra layouts with practice clients

  1. Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  2. Download the Module Workbook
  3. Lesson 1: Crystal Layouts
  4. Layout 1: Personal Potential Layout
  5. Layout 2: Confidence Layout
  6. layout 3: Calming Layout
  7. Layout 4: Centering and Grounding Layout
  8. Layout 5: Centering Layout
  9. Layout 6: Relaxation Layout
  10. Layout 7: Seal of Solomon Layout
  11. Additional Information
  12. Technique 1: Facial Massage using Crystal Wands
  13. Technique 2: Absent/Distant Crystal Healing
  14. Technique 3: Using a Crystal Ball in a Healing Session

6 Working with Meridians

In this module you will be learning about the ancient Chinese system of meridians and how to unblock and balance them using cyrstals.

  1. Introduction and Learning Objectives
  2. Download the Module Manual
  3. Introduction
  4. Video on the Meridian Channels Pathways
  5. Principal Meridians
  6. Extraordinary Meridians
  7. Crystal Healing Techniques for Meridians
  8. Download the Meridian Dowsing Chart
  9. Practice the Techniques

7 Creating Crystal Essences, Elixirs and Sprays

  1. Introduction and Learning Objectives
  2. Download the Module Manual
  3. Lesson 1: How Elixirs and Essences Work
  4. Lesson 2: How to Make Gem Water
  5. Watch Video - Making Gem Water
  6. Lesson 3: Making a Room Spray
  7. Watch Video - How to Make a Room Spray
  8. Lesson 4: Making Elixirs
  9. Watch Video - How to Make an Elixir
  10. Activity: Make your Own Elixirs and Sprays
  11. Additional Resources

8 Professional Practice

In this module you will be exploring the ethical and legal framework that underpins our practice. You will also be learning about how to present yourself in a professional manner and undertake an effective consultation that allows you to create a treatment plan for your client.

  1. Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  2. Download the Module Manual
  3. Lesson 1: Code of Ethics
  4. Ethical Dilemmas
  5. Activity 1: Ethical Practice Discussion
  6. Lesson 2: Safety
  7. Review COVID-19 Specific Protocols
  8. Lesson 3: Privacy of Information
  9. Lesson 4: Discrimination
  10. Activity 2: Legislation Research
  11. Lesson 5: Professionalism
  12. Lesson 6: Consultation, Treatment Record and Aftercare
  13. Review the Consultation Form
  14. Resource: Example Consultation Form Template
  15. Resource: Treatment Record
  16. Resource: After Care Sheet

9 Facilitating a Crystal Therapy Session

In this module you will be integrating what you have learned and applying them to facilitating a full therapy session.

  1. Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  2. Download the Module Manual
  3. Lesson 1: Crystal Therapy Competencies
  4. Download the Crystal Therapy Competencies
  5. Lesson 2: Prepare for the Crystal Healing Session
  6. Lesson 3: Welcome the Client and Undertake a Consultation
  7. Lesson 4: Making the Client Comfortable
  8. Lesson 5: Undertake the Crystal Healing Session
  9. Lesson 6: Ending the Session
  10. Book time with your Tutor
  11. Practitioner Competencies
  12. Consultation Form
  13. Treatment Record
  14. After Care Sheet

10 Anatomy and Physiology

  1. Introduction and Learning Outcomes
  2. Download the Module Manual
  3. Lesson 1: The Skeletal System
  4. Lesson 2: Muscular System
  5. Lesson 3: Nervous System
  6. Lesson 4: Endocrine System
  7. Lesson 5: Cardiovascular System
  8. Lesson 6: Immune and Lymphatic System
  9. Lesson 7: Respiratory System
  10. Lesson 8: Digestive System
  11. Lesson 9: Urinary System
  12. Lesson 10: Reproductive System
  13. Anatomy and Physiology Assignment

11 Submitting your Case Studies

  1. Case Study Requirements
  2. Case Study Template Guide
  3. Review the Sample Case Study Form
  4. Download the Case Study Form
  5. Submit your Case Study

12 Observed Assessment

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. What to Expect with the Observed Assessment
  3. Setting up your Assessment
  4. Assessment Form

13 Certification and Program Evaluation

  1. Certification
  2. Activity: Undertake a Reflection on your Journey
  3. Activity: Provide Feedback on the Program
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