The ORCA Method™

9 Simple Steps To Transform Your English

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Welcome to the ORCA Method; A revolutionary approach to help you finally speak English with confidence! For all levels and abilities, ORCA Method is discreet, flexible, and consistent to fit your learning style.

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I have struggled with languages my entire life.

Having moved to different countries as a child, I experienced being dropped into schools in Germany, France, and the United States. I know first-hand the challenges of each time having to start fresh learning a new language. Luckily, I was paying attention to the patterns in the languages I was learning as I grew up. Over the last two decades of my career in linguistics training and development, I have designed a truly unique and effective way to improve your English.

Think about the commitment of countless hours improving your English takes away from your everyday life. Imagine the opportunities out there just waiting for you if you had more confidence in your speech.

ORCA Method is simple to understand but powerful to improve your speech if you master it. It can change not only how you speak, but how you feel about yourself. And only you can decide to take action to improve your English!

With over 20 hours of videos presentations, lessons, quizzes, andpractice exercises, give it a try today and become the next ORCA Method success story!

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1 The ORCA Method™ Introduction

Essential info. Start Here! All about accents, systems, and a good story to kick it all off.

  1. A word from the author
  2. Hi there! Where are you from?
  3. Introducing The ORCA Method!
  4. English Proficiency Levels
  5. What English level do you think you're at?
  6. Join Today!

2 The ORCA Method™ Explained

3 Steps of ORCA Method Identification, Association, Application. 9 Sounds and Patterns

  1. The 9 Sound Patterns of The ORCA Method™
  2. How many years have you studied English?

3 EE vs Y

  1. EE vs Y Lesson
  2. EE Y Prep Test
  3. EE vs Y Prep Test Answers
  4. Working on Prep Test with Andrew (Slides 2 - 5 )
  5. Working on Prep Test with Andrew (Slides 6 - 11)
  6. Do you feel the "EE and Y" is your biggest sound pattern problem?
  7. EE & Y Quiz

4 UH

  1. UH Lesson
  2. UH Prep Test
  3. UH Prep Test Answers
  4. UH Working on Prep Test With Andrew
  5. How did you do? How was the "UH" sound?

5 TH and Voice On Voice Off

  1. Voice On Voice Off Lesson
  2. Voice On Voice Off Prep Test
  3. Voice On Voice Off Prep Test Answers
  4. Voice On Voice Working on Prep Test with Andrew
  5. Voice On Voice Off Quiz
  6. TH Lesson
  7. TH Prep Test
  8. TH Prep Test Answers
  9. TH Working on Prep Test with Andrew
  10. TH Layered Prep Test Working with Andrew
  11. TH Quiz

6 AW

  1. AW Lesson
  2. AW Prep Test
  3. AW Prep Test Answers

7 AH

  1. AH Lesson
  2. AH Prep Test
  3. AH Prep Test Answers

8 O

  1. O Lesson
  2. O Prep Test
  3. O Prep Test Answers

9 ER

  1. ER Lesson
  2. ER Prep Test
  3. ER Prep Test Answers
  4. TR DR Rule

10 Liaisons

  1. Liaisons
  2. LIAISONS Prep Test
  3. Liaisons Prep Test Answers

11 Stress

  1. Stress Lesson

12 Conclusions and Next Steps

  1. After doing the entire ORCA Method™ program, do you feel your English has improved?
  2. What do you feel we can do to help you more as we improve our program?
  3. Would you recommend The ORCA Method™ program to a friend?
Buy Now US$ 99.00
Buy Now US$ 99.00



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