Read & Write Gold Student Course

Learn to make the best use of R&WG to support learning!

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Read and Write Gold is an excellent program to help students with literacy difficulties achieve their best in the classroom. This course is specifically designed to help students in Year 4 and above learn how to use the program to help them in every lesson.

Buy Now US$ 55.00
Buy Now US$ 55.00

Read and Write Gold is a leading software program to help students with LD achieve their potential in school. This course is structured with specific tasks for students to complete that will teach them how to use the functions of R&WG that will best help them. Students need to be the master of the program to use it effectively. This course will help your child master Read and Write Gold and also uses Audionote software for voice capture so that students can record their ideas without the need to spell one word correctly.

Buy Now US$ 55.00


Julie Tasker

BprimEd, DipEd, DipSpLD. Apple Consultants Network member. Julie has taught in schools in Zimbabwe & Australia before starting her own business teaching students with Learning Difficulties. She is passionate about supporting students with LD in the classroom to achieve potential.


1 Lesson 1- Introduction & Audionote

In the first lesson learn the value of learning to touch-type and learn to use the Voice Capture capabilities of Audionote.

  1. Welcome!
  2. Send an email to Julie to introduce yourself:
  3. Reading Instructions
  4. The importance of Touch Typing
  5. Can you already type with all ten fingers?
  6. Audionote for Touch Screens
  7. Audionote for Non-touch Screens
  8. Audionote Quiz

2 Lesson 2

Practice using Audionote for two tasks and learn to use text prediction in Read and Write Gold!

  1. Audionote Practice
  2. The Rescue of Kiko the Giraffe
  3. Text Prediction Introduction
  4. Check your understanding
  5. Spell Checking your work
  6. Spell Check and Sounds Like Quiz

3 Lesson 3

Learn more about spell checking and homophone checking as well as study tools in R&WG.

  1. Spell Checking Practice and Homophone Checking
  2. Using Text-to-Speech and Study Tools
  3. Text-to-speech quiz
  4. Writing from your facts
  5. Send your writing to Julie:

4 Lesson 4

Time for a project! Learn to use all the tools of R&WG to help you with all your school assignments.

  1. Project Research for all students
  2. Print your highlighted notes from the last step so you have them in front of you.
  3. Recording with Audionote
  4. Text Prediction
  5. Run Spell Check on your writing.
  6. Run 'Sounds Like' check on your writing.
  7. How helpful are the RWG tools that you are now using?

5 Lesson 5 More Tools in RWG

Learn to use the dictionary and vocabulary tools to improve your understanding of what you read. Learn how to use PDF aloud and OCR so that you can have a range of types of documents read to you.

  1. Dictionary and Vocabulary Tools
  2. Complete the Vocabulary summary for the words on the webpage that you need to learn.
  3. Picture Dictionary
  4. PDF Aloud
  5. PDF Aloud quiz
  6. OCR- scanning an image PDF

6 Lesson 6

Create a project

  1. Fact Folder part 1
  2. Research your famous person from three different websites and save the facts in the Fact Folder.
  3. Creating a document of facts
  4. Collate your information in a Word Document and save.
  5. Highlight facts
  6. Highlight the important facts in your Fact Folder. Save the document
  7. What are your favourite tools?

7 Lesson 7- Organising information & writing biography

One final step before writing your biography is to organise the facts so that your writing is easier and well organised.

  1. Mind Mapping
  2. Writing your biography
  3. Perfect your writing!
  4. Email your completed biography to Julie:

8 Lesson 8 Revision

Practice makes perfect- we need to do some revision to make sure you know exactly how to use the different tools.

  1. Revision: OCR document
  2. Creating a summary
  3. Check your highlighting: Click on the document below for your year level and make sure that your highlighting of the important information is similar.
  4. Revision: writing from facts
  5. Email your writing to Julie:

9 Lesson 9- Final tools

Learn about the last few tools of RWG.

  1. Speechmaker exercise
  2. Speechmaker exercise 2
  3. Speechmaker Quiz
  4. Do you think you will use Speechmaker to help you study information?
  5. Calculator
  6. Do you think you will use the talking calculator?
  7. Screen masking
  8. Did you find the screen masking tool helpful?
  9. Voice Notes

10 Lesson 10

This is the last lesson of the course- create your own toolbar and complete the quiz to show you have mastered all the tools.

  1. Create your own Toolbar
  2. Other tools
  3. Final Quiz
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