Taking a look at Women's & Men's Apparel

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1 Introduction

An overview of the H&M Project.

  1. Introduction
  2. H&M
  3. What We Are Looking For
  4. Methods for Collecting Data

2 Clothing Categories

  1. Apparel
  2. Women's Apparel Categories
  3. Women's Apparel Examples
  4. Men's Apparel Categories
  5. Men's Apparel Examples
  6. Categories Not To Collect!

3 Basic Store Metrics

In this step, you will learn about the Effective Pricing and % of Inventory on Promotion metrics you will need to collect for this project.

  1. Metrics
  2. What is Effective Pricing?
  3. Tips on Gathering Effective Pricing
  4. Remember: Promotion Prices are included in Min/Max/Mode!
  5. Percentage of Inventory ON/OFF Promotion
  6. Practicing Estimations

4 Non-Clearance Promotions

  1. Non-Clearance vs. Clearance Promotions
  2. Non-Clearance Promotions
  3. % of Category's Total Store Inventory on Each Promotion

5 The Clearance Section

In this step, you will learn about what information we will collect in the Clearance Section and how we will do it!

  1. Clearance Section
  2. Clearance Section: Linear Feet
  3. Clearance Section: Min/Max/Mode Starting Prices
  4. Clearance Section: % of Category's Inventory on each Promotion Type in Clearance Section
  5. Clearance Section: Additional Discount
  6. Clearance Section: Hints, Tips & Suggestions
  7. Remember!

6 Traffic

In this step, you will learn how to collect the traffic data portion of this project

  1. Counting Traffic

7 Getting Ready for Your First Visit

Complete the final steps to your training!

  1. Let's Review Our Metrics
  2. Review the Datasheets
  3. Review the Sample Survey & Survey Instructions

8 Before Your First Store Visit

  1. Setting Yourself Up For Success!
  2. Visit Check List
  3. Information We Should Not Have
  4. What if you are approached by an employee?
  5. Take (and Pass!) the H&M Quiz