How to be an Actor - and book roles on Film and TV

Your Businessplan to succeed as an actor

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Be a Working Actor and get secret insights to Casting and powerful solutions to nail auditions.

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You may have enormous talent, and be trained by top schools, but if you can’t nail an audition and blow away the Casting Director, none of that will matter. They will sense even the slightest hint of fear, nervousness, or lack of control. Even Pacino would be a bartender right now, if he had not known the secrets to a great audition.

This online course will be a real game changer in your career.

The Audio Sessions, Top Perfomers tools, and special Branding and Acting Insights have helped many actors win the part, and now you can use the very same techniques to nail Castings.

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Ralph Kinnard

Ralph Kinnard is an award-winning actor’s director, with extensive work experience in three different countries and their cultures: Germany, the USA, and Venezuela. He just finished working with Burt Reynolds on his last feature and is excited about teaching new talent.

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HOW TO BE AN ACTOR - A practical guide to be working as a professional actor and build charisma

Kinnard, Ralph

Published by Ralph Kinnard

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Course Syllabus

1 Castings, The Audition Process, Headshots, Branding and your million dollar plan

In this first step you will first learn all aspects of finding work and what you need to do to become a working actor. This is your drawing board to design your brand as an actor and be able to succeed in any Casting and Audition.

  1. 1. Who gets the job?
  2. 2. Your Branding
  3. 3. Preparing headshots - the dry run. It's free!
  4. 4. Headshots - Decision time
  5. 5. How Casting Directors make THEIR decision
  6. 6. The Casting Process - Secret Insights
  7. 7. The Casting Process - the winning choice
  8. 8. Casting Process - Script Analysis
  9. 9. Casting Process Day of the Battle
  10. 10. The Casting Process no judgment
  11. 11. The Money part - your business plan
  12. 12. How to have money - the Youtube option

2 Acting - all you need to know to prepare a scene and learn the craft

There is a proven technique used by famous actors all around the globe to suceed EVERY TIME. Here you will learn the 4 step blueprint that will allow you to always act great.

  1. Update Your Acting Style
  2. Step 1 - Your Partner
  3. Step 1 - Chemistry
  4. Step 1 - The talent
  5. Step 1 - Comfort Zone
  6. Step 1 - The Read
  7. Step 2 - The Logic
  8. Step 2 - Three Dimensions
  9. Step 3 - Substitutions
  10. Step 3 - Rehearsals
  11. Step 3 - Learning the Script
  12. Step 4 - The Performance
  13. What you need to know - the sum of it all
  14. Here are additional exercises and descriptions: HOW TO BE AN ACTOR - A practical guide to be working as a professional actor and build charisma

3 The Creative Reboot

Understand what the training is all about. This 7 week program will boost your charisma and emotional power to influence the audience

  1. Creative Reboot Intro
  2. Rule#1 - No Emotion is real
  3. Rule#1 Video 2
  4. Rule#1 Video 3
  5. Rule#2 - Your are not your mind
  6. Rule#2 Video 2
  7. Rule#2 Video 3
  8. Rule#2 Video 4
  9. Rule#3 Protect your system
  10. Rule#3 Video 2
  11. Rule#3 Video 3
  12. Rule#4 Let new information in
  13. Rule#4 Video2
  14. Rule#4 Video3
  15. Rule#5 Grow your Charisma
  16. Rule#5 Video2
  17. Rule#5 Video3
  18. Rule#6 You need to be heard
  19. Rule#6 Video2
  20. Rule#6 Video 3
  21. Rule#7 Speed your Processor
  22. Rule#7 Video2
  23. Rule#7 Video3


This is the RESET program and the CASTING PRE - SESSION. Listen to the RESET Program for 7 consecutive days. Take seven days OFF and start again!

  1. Reset Series Day #1
  2. Reset Series Day #2
  3. Reset Series Day #3
  4. Reset Series Day#4
  5. Reset Series Day #5
  6. Reset Series Day #6
  7. Reset Series Day #7

5 AUDIO SESSION - Casting Series

Here are the AUDIO Sessions that will help you on the day of your biggest Castings as well as when you are about to enter the room

  1. Pre - Casting
  2. 90sec Casting Series
  3. 71sec Casting Series


... just try them out and let your mind drift

  1. Movie Session
  2. Sky Travel
  3. Sleep Set1
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