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Online iPad Licence Course for students with Learning Difficulties

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The ATapps Online iPad Licence Course is designed to equip students in Years 3-7 with Learning Difficulties/ Disabilities to make the best use of an iPad in class to maximize their potential in all subject areas. It costs just US$75 (+/- AU$100).

Buy Now US$ 50.00
Buy Now US$ 50.00

This newly updated and revised Online iPad Licence Course will equip students with learning difficulties/disabilities to use their iPad in almost every lesson at school, to maximise their potential and engagement in learning. If you have questions please contact me on

Buy Now US$ 50.00


Julie Tasker

BprimEd, DipEd, DipSpLD. Apple Consultants Network member. Julie has taught in schools in Zimbabwe & Australia before starting her own business teaching students with Learning Difficulties. She is passionate about supporting students with LD in the classroom to achieve potential.


"Julie is an expert in the field of assistive technologies and a champion of the cause in meeting the challenges of dyslexia. As a family with a dyslexic child, Julie has helped us successfully navigate through a daunting myriad of apps to select those most appropriate for our son in meeting the challenges he faces both inside and outside the classroom. Julie has opened out eyes to a suite of technologies that have been created specifically for dyslexia and shown us how Cooper can leverage off them to support his current and future needs. Cooper enjoys using I Read Write, Audio note and more recently Explain Everything. Cooper finds the lessons with Julie, fun, interesting, and interactive. After years of struggling to read and write, these apps have given him a sense of confidence that has until recently eluded him. Tasks including homework, previously seen as a struggle are now less challenging for both parent and child and have translated into him achieving more in the classroom."

L & A Percy.

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1 Lesson 1: Introduction

In this first lesson you will see 6 short videos where you will learn more about the Online iPad Licence Course and how it will help you use the iPad at school. You will learn to create folders and contacts and activate Text to Speech so that the iPad can read information to you.

  1. Lesson 1: Part 1- Introduction
  2. Lesson 1 Part 2: Creating Contacts
  3. Lesson 1: Part 3- Your Brain (part 1)
  4. Lesson 1: Part 4- Your Brain (part 2)
  5. Download and print Course Overview, Student Record, App Reference Sheets & FAQ.
  6. Lesson 1 Part 5: Activating Text-to-Speech
  7. Download and read eBook in iBooks- using Text-to-Speech for tricky words
  8. Sending Emails
  9. Are you using your iPad at school already instead of writing?

2 Lesson 2- Activating Text-To-Speech (2)

Learn how to activate Text-to-Speech with Speak Screen to read eBooks.

  1. Activating Text-to-Speech part 2
  2. Browse in iBooks to find a book that you would like to read. Make sure your parents are with you doing this so that you can find a great book to read.

3 Claro PDF Introduction

Watch this video to learn the basics of Claro PDF

  1. Claro PDF Introduction
  2. Claro PDF Quiz

4 Lesson 4: Claro PDF Part 2: Image PDFs

This lesson will show you the next step in using Claro PDF- to access image PDF's.

  1. Lesson 4: Claro PDF part 2: Image PDFs
  2. Claro PDF part 2 Quiz

5 Lesson 5: Notability

Notability is one of my favourite apps! We can use it to record our voice to plan assignments and we don't need to spell one word. We then can listen to it as many times as we need to as a prompt when we are writing.

  1. Lesson 5: Notability introduction
  2. Notability Introduction Quiz

6 Lesson 6: Notability Part 2

This is one of my favourite apps! You will learn how to record what you know about a topic with your voice- and write 'annotations' at the same time. In this lesson we will import a PDF worksheet and then record on top of that with our voice.

  1. Lesson 6: Notability Part 2

7 Lesson 7: Text Prediction

Here are videos of two different apps we can use for help with writing projects: Spell Better and iRead Write. You only need to learn to use one of them.

  1. Lesson 7A: Text Prediction with iWordQ (Years 3-5)
  2. Lesson 7B: Text Prediction with Clicker Docs

8 Lesson 8: Revision

If we don't use it- we will lose it! That's why revision of what we have learned is so important. Let's go over how we use Notability, Text Prediction and Claro PDF. Practice makes perfect!

  1. Revision Lesson- part 1
  2. Revision -part 2

9 Lesson 9: Advanced Claro PDF Pro

Here we will learn how to take a photo of a worksheet, have it scanned, and access it in Claro PDF. We can have it read to us if we need it, and we can write or record our answers!

  1. Document to download and print for this lesson
  2. Lesson 9: Advanced Claro PDF
  3. Advanced ClaroPDF Pro

10 Lesson 10: Preparing to write an eBook

We are going to create a book in Creative Book Builder. This lesson uses Notability and text prediction to plan and write our content for the book. Remember to use the text prediction in a way that builds your neurons!

  1. Lesson 10: Preparing to write an eBook

11 Lesson 11: Adding photos and videos to your eBook.

Learn how to add photos, videos and music to your eBook.

  1. Lesson 11: Adding photos and videos to your eBook
  2. Creative Book Builder Quiz

12 Lesson 12: Publish and share your eBook.

Finally publish and share your eBook with family and friends.

  1. Lesson 12- Publishing and sharing your eBook

13 Lesson 13: Revision

Let's revise what we have learned so far.

  1. Lesson 13: Revision- Part 1
  2. Revision- Part 2
  3. How easy is it for you to use the apps now?

14 Lesson 14: Explain Everything Part 1

Explain Everything is a very clever app that allows us to create tutorials to teach ourselves different things, projects, videos and presentations. We will create a project using our content from our eBook.

  1. Lesson 14: Explain Everything Part 1

15 Lesson 15 :Explain Everything Part 2

We will complete our Explain Everything project in this lesson and learn to create and edit a video within the app.

  1. Lesson 15: Explain Everything Part 2

16 Lesson 16: Explain Everything Part 3

Become a master at Explain Everything

  1. Lesson 16: Explain Everything Part 3
  2. Have you used Explain Everything before at school?

17 Lesson 17: Final project- taking your learning further

This is the last lesson of the course: well done! Your task is to create a project of your own choice using the skills you have learned. Plan your project in Notability, write in the text prediction, get photos from Flickr and create an eBook or Explain Everything project.

  1. Lesson 17: Taking your learning further.
  2. Choose your topic: cricket, cooking, footy, dancing, Minecraft, a country or city or animal you are fascinated by.
  3. Do research online- find out as much as you can!
  4. Record your information in Notability.
  5. Use Text Prediction to write up your information on your topic.
  6. Add your information to Creative Book Builder or Explain Everything.
  7. Add Photos and videos. Edit your project.
  8. Publish your project as an eBook, movie file or Explain Everything Project. Email it to

18 Lesson 18: Course Completion Quiz

Well done, you have finished the online iPad licence course! Here is your final task: a quiz to check you have mastered the iPad. Score 75% to be awarded a certificate.

  1. Final Quiz
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