Diversity Training for Teachers

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Bridgeneering is an interactive and online course designed to make learning fun and engaging. This presentation guides you on a journey through the facilitator's content, such as blogs, videos, polls and scenarios. Start now and enjoy a great learning experience that you control!

Buy Now US$ 49.99
Buy Now US$ 49.99

Are you tired of disengaged and disconnected students in your classroom???? Feeling like you don't understand your kids anymore?? and what's up with all the bullying???

We thought so.... Well, take our course and we'll show you how to start making connections and bridging gaps with your students everyday!

We're here to help you understand why diversity is changing your classroom, how to respond to tough situations and how to really understand your kids so that you can make connections and build bridges:)

Welcome to Bridgeneering !!! (yep, we know this isn't a word but hey, we're teachers so we're allowed to create unusual words :)

Buy Now US$ 49.99


Nubridge LLC.

Nubridge is a Diversity & Inclusion Training Company located in Columbus, Ohio. We offer a variety of solutions to customers including Diversity Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development. We strive to bridge gaps that exist between people and communities!