Crystal Healing Fundamentals

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This course is all about your relationship with crystals and how you can use them to assist you on your wellness journey. It is a blend of theory and practice with lots of wonderful exercises designed to deepen your connection to the crystalline kingdom.

Buy Now US$ 199.00
Buy Now US$ 199.00

This is a highly practical course designed to develop your confidence and skills to consciously work with crystal energy. You will be covering modules that allow you to explore the world of crystal healing and practice the techniques. Just because this is an online course, doesn't mean to say it wont be highly participative and you will be asked to practice techniques and share your experiences.

At the end of the program you will be able to:​

  • Use crystals to support your own health and wellness
  • Maintain the health of your chakras and aura
  • Create crystal elixirs and essences
  • Set up crystal grids
  • Apply techniques to harmonize your environment
  • Use crystals for divination

You will be supported by the course tutor through discussions posted throughout the program.

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"I completed the online Crystal Healing Fundamentals program and have a much deeper connection and understanding of the various gems and stones, and why I'm so drawn to them"


Victoria, BC

"The one thing I really realized by taking this program is just how much it is the right thing for me to be doing with my life and career. I have been studying crystals, color and other things over the past decade almost and its always been something Ive found interesting and Ive always wanted to earn more. Taking the online Crystal Healing Fundamentals course just solidified to me I am on the right path and I can not wait to continue with part two of the Crystal Healing Course as well as the Reiki 1, 2 and masters if I am so lucky :) I will continue to use all the practices learned in this course especially the color and how it effects your well being, I would like to learn more and practice more with the Lithomancy as it was the one thing I have had no experience in this point. I cant thank you enough for offering this program, Im just sorry I waited so long to take it. It was easy to understand, well planned out and definitely easy to learn from. The comments you returned were also very helpful and amazing information to help solidify that what I was doing was correct and/or where I may need to improve and work a bit more on."


Victoria, BC

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1 Course Overview

This module provides an introduction to the Crystal Healing Fundamentals program, content, learning methods, equipment required and how you will be supported

  1. Course Overview and Learning Outcomes
  2. Modules
  3. Equipment
  4. How you will learn
  5. Tutor Support

2 Introduction to the world of crystal healing

In this section you will introduced to crystal healing, its history and how it works. You will also explore the "art' of choosing crystals, readying them for use and caring for them.

  1. Module Overview
  2. Its all about Vibration!
  3. Optional Activity: Watch this Video of Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden
  4. The History of Crystal Healing
  5. The Formation of Rocks and Crystals
  6. How Crystals Support Wellness
  7. Discussion: Your Journey with Crystals so far
  8. Activity: Feeling Crystal Energy
  9. Choosing Crystals
  10. Exercise: Choosing Crystals
  11. Cleansing your Crystals
  12. HOW TO CLEANSE CRYSTALS: top tips from a Master Crystal Therapist. 30 years of working with crystals
  13. Activity: Cleanse your Crystals
  14. Readying Crystals for Use
  15. Experiencing Crystal Energy

3 Health Maintenance

In this module you will explore the impact of stress on wellness and the role of your aura within this. You will learn simple techniques for stress reduction, managing and protecting your energy.

  1. Module Overview
  2. Health and Wellness in a Hectic World
  3. Exercise: Breathing
  4. Crystals for Stress Reduction
  5. Activity: Crystal Research
  6. The Importance of Meditation
  7. Activity: Rose Quartz Guided Meditation
  8. The Auric Field
  9. HOW TO FEEL AND SEE AURAS: Easy techniques to practice and build your ability to do this!
  10. Exercise: Feeling your Aura
  11. Exercise: Seeing Auras
  12. Exercise: Dowsing Auric Layers
  13. Exercise: Aura Cleansing Technique
  14. Protecting your Energy and Grounding
  15. PSYCHIC PROTECTION: 10 top crystals for psychic protection and warding!
  16. Exercise: Protection Meditation
  17. Crystals for Aura Cleansing
  18. The Energy of a Crystal
  19. Conclusion

4 Crystals and their Healing Properties

You will be exploring the healing properties of the eighteen crystals in the program. You will be provided with some basic information and you will be asked to undertake some research of your own. This will include spending time with the crystal to experience their energy.

  1. Module Overview
  2. Exploring the Energy of Amethyst
  3. The Healing Properties of Amethyst
  4. Exploring the Energy of Rose Quartz
  5. The Healing Properties of Rose Quartz
  6. Exploring the Energy of Citrine
  7. The Healing Properties of Citrine
  8. Exploring Blue Kyanite
  9. Healing Properties of Blue Kyanite
  10. Crystal Research
  11. The Healing Properties of Blue Lace Agate
  12. The Healing Properties of Carnelian
  13. The Healing Properties of Orange Calcite
  14. Healing Properties of Rainbow Fluorite
  15. Healing Properties of Green Aventurine
  16. Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli
  17. Healing Properties of Moonstone
  18. Healing Properties of Clear Quartz
  19. Healing Properties of Smokey Quartz
  20. Healing Properties of Red Jasper
  21. Healing Properties of Selenite
  22. Healing Properties of Sodalite
  23. Healing Properties of Snowflake Obsidian
  24. Healing Properties of Tigers Eye
  25. Conclusion

5 The Vibration of Colour

In this module you will explore how colour can affect us and how it can be used to improve health and wellbeing.

  1. Module Overview
  2. Colour Therapy
  3. HEALING WITH COLOUR: How colour affects us and how we can bring colour healing in to our lives,
  4. Video to Watch: Deepening your Understanding of Colour
  5. Discussion: What are the key takeaways for you from watching this video?
  6. Colour and Crystal Healing
  7. Activity: Colour and Crystal Healing
  8. Meditation: Healing Color Therapy - Enjoy a 10 Minute Meditative Color Wash

6 The Chakra System

In this module you will learn about the ancient energy system known as the chakras, how they work and how to use crystals to improve your health and wellness

  1. Module Overview
  2. The Chakra System
  3. The Root Chakra
  4. The Sacral Chakra
  5. The Solar Plexus Chakra
  6. The Heart Chakra
  7. The Throat Chakra
  8. The Third Eye Chakra
  9. The Crown Chakra
  10. Watch Video: Chakras parts 1,2,3, & 4 By Spirit Science
  11. Exercise: Chakra Dowsing using a Pendulum
  12. Activity: Undertake a Chakra Layout
  13. What was your experience of the chakra layout?

7 Creating Elixirs and Sprays

Creating elixirs and room sprays is a great way in which to work with the healing properties of crystals and its so much fun too!

  1. Module Overview
  2. Elixirs, Essences and Gem Water - The Theory Behind how it works
  3. Creating Gem Water
  4. Making Gem Water
  5. Creating Mother Essences
  6. Making an Elixir or Room Spray
  7. How to Make an Elixir
  8. How to Make a Room Spray

8 Crystal Grids

Here, you will be learning all about the purpose of grids and how they can be used, how to set a grid up and use it.

  1. Module Overview
  2. Crystal Shapes and their Use
  3. Platonic Solids and the Merkaba
  4. Sacred Geometry
  5. Optional: Learn More: Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie
  6. Crystal Grids
  7. Setting up Your Grid
  8. Example Grids
  9. Creating your own Crystal Grid
  10. Sacred Space
  11. CREATING YOUR ALTAR: Learn how to create your own sacred space and altar

9 Divination with Crystals

Using crystals as a divination tool is an ancient practice. In this module you will be exploring various methods of crystal divination.

  1. Module Overview
  2. Crystal Oracle Cards
  3. Oracle Card Reading
  4. Activity: Make your Own Deck of Crystal Oracle Cards
  5. Lithomancy
  6. Activity: Making your grid and casting your stones

10 Crystal Layouts

One of the ways you can work with crystals is to lay them on your body. In this module we will be exploring several different layouts you can use..

  1. Module Overview
  2. Crystal Layouts
  3. Personal Potential Layout
  4. Confidence Layout
  5. Calming Layout
  6. Balancing and Calming Layout
  7. Centering and Grounding
  8. Centering Layout
  9. Activity: Layout Practice

11 Program Refection and Evaluation

In this module you will be reviewing what you have learned and evaluating the program

  1. Program Reflections
  2. Program Evaluation
  3. Apply for your Certificate
  4. Download a PDF of the course
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