Life On Purpose Program — Your true calling and how to create it

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You do this program when you truly want to know and create your reason for being here. You realise with startling clarity why you're here and how to make it happen — for an extraordinary life of passion and fulfilment.

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Want to create your reason for being here?​

​If you’ve ever asked:

  • Am I on purpose?
  • What is my reason for being here?
  • How would I find out and what can I do about it?
  • How do I choose what to do next?
  • What will I do with the rest of my life?

Then you’re in the right place!

There's a revolution underway in people clarifying their life purpose. Methods that used to be adequate are no longer good enough to achieve the enthusiasm and confidence of an inspiration-infused life.

You're not alone

Most people I meet are rightfully tired of approaches that are 'lovely but useless' — that skim the surface and lack the depth needed for startling recognition. Many struggle when success no longer satisfies and they don’t always know what’s needed to live life with purpose and passion.

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"Through working with Phil, I am more on a mission than ever!" ~ Lucy, Artist

As a result, a new way of realising our life's work and purpose, one that goes beyond likes and wants and delivers deep, startling recognition has emerged: the sweet-spot of your true calling.

Purpose no longer needs to remain unanswered. ​You no longer need to keep floundering with a lack of meaning and purpose in your life. You can replace the menace of meaninglessness with the passion of purposefulness. Purpose and meaning is availably ... if you want it.

"I naturally do this! That's just who I am! It all makes sense now!" ~ S.M. CEO

In this comprehensive online course, Philip Oude-Vrielink, creator of the Calling Creation Method™ and author of Life on Purpose, takes you on a deep immersive experience where you realise and define with startling clarity:

  • Why you're here
  • How to align with and create your life's work and purpose
  • What to do to unleash your true contribution

You will learn how to

  • Reveal with startling clarity what you’re here for
  • Clarify the essence of your changeless purpose
  • Discover your unique keys to masterful authenticity
  • Choose what’s next based on your unique keys
  • Decide what to do with the rest of your life
  • Convert concerns into conditions for your success
  • Craft more meaningful experience for yourself and others
  • Communicate to motivate others towards your message
  • Master your commitments and realign resistance

What you get

You get stunning clarity about why you're here and astonishing methods for making it happen.

Watch this video.

What you will create

​You will work in ways you have never worked before, and make things you have never made before. You will define and create:

  • Message. The changeless aspect of your purpose.
  • Message-Bridge. The two sides of what you're here for and how your Message reaches out into the world.
  • Value Stack. Your hierarchy of lived values and how you experience them.
  • Gift Stack. Your defining natural talent and how others experience it.
  • Purpose Pattern. How you align with and enliven your choices
  • Choice Pattern. How to invigorate existing choices or confidently make new congruent ones.
  • Commitment Map. How you make it stick.

If you want to align with and accelerate your life's work and purpose — if you want to create your reason for being here — you must deeply recognise your extraordinary signature style and make the right choices for the right reasons.

In this program you will realise and define your unique keys to make the right changes, create your essential legacy and unleash your true contribution — so you live a meaningful life and live your life with purpose and passion.

You get powerful methods

As the pace of change speeds up, knowing how to quickly turn difficult experience into progress is more important than ever.

That's why you get three potent methods that show you how to shape and shift your experience — so you can quickly master your life and create why you're here.

You get these easy to use, highly effective life mastery tools:

  1. Concerns to Conditions so you know what you need to proceed
  2. Meaningful Craft so you create more meaningful experience
  3. Commitment Mastery so you make it stick

Any one of these commanding proprietary methods will change your life. You get all 3 as part of this program.

You get an easy 30-day Guarantee

The only way to really know whether the material in this course works is to actually use it and do the work. I’m so confident about the startling clarity you will get, the power of this method, and so sure you’ll have an awesome experience — that you have an unconditional 30 day guarantee. If you decide this isn’t working for you or for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the course or your results, you’ll get a prompt full refund. I would appreciate though that you share what you actually did and how you went.

Buy Now US$ 97.00

Included Courses


1. Fulfilment

What is it really, no really?

You learn the factors of fulfilment, discover the role of transformational pressure, appreciate the layers of sustainable motivation, extend the Calling Creation Model, and appreciate how it all fits together.


2. Values

How to know what values actually matter!

Discover your lived values and how they play out in your life, and create your Value-Stack. You’ll understand, recognise and make sense of how you experience your values in every day life and define for yourself what that’s all about.


3. Message

Realise with startling clarity your reason for being here!

Realise your Message, define your Message-Bridge, and write the Mission Statement of your life. You will discover your defining Message, unpack your Message-Bridge, and learn what you can do to further master it.


4. Gift

How to know what you are truly great at!

Discover how your gift shows up in life, create your Gift-Stack, learn what you can do to further develop it, write your unique Purpose Pattern — the mission statement of your life, and craft your Choice Pattern — what to do with the rest of your life.


5. Condition

How to flip concerns to accelerate your success!

Discover the usefulness of concerns and practise turning them into conditions that accelerate your success. You will learn to deal effectively with your fears with a practise that redirects them into being the very thing that accelerates your progress.


6. Craft

How to create more meaningful experience, every time!

Learn to appreciate your experience in a new way as you craft your life with more meaning and motivation. You will cover the different ways to shape your experience and situations in life, the basis for doing so, and inform more meaningful choice.


7. Connect

How to communicate so others are motivated towards your message!

Skilfully communicate and connect with others about what you do and why — to motivate others to take action towards your message.


8. Commit

How to master commitment and realign resistance!

Discover and learn a completely new and potent way to create commitment that sticks! You convert resistance, and commit to how you will create what matters and share your reason for being here with the world.

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Through working with Phil, I am more on a mission than ever!



I naturally do this! That's just who I am! It all makes sense now!



I don't think I know of a greater pain than living a life devoid of meaning and purpose and Phil's work brings that back into the everyday world of our life and work. It's not just about getting inspired, it's about getting practical and real which is what makes this work so exciting.



Philip never gives you the answers but is committed to working with you until you realise your own insight and wisdom. He is someone I trust and value in my life.


Senior Manager

Philip's work is revolutionary because it is simple, yet profound. The life on purpose approach enables me to feel that I am creating for the right reasons, and as a result I feel fulfilled.



Phil encourages and pushes you to find out what drives you and what your true values and purpose is. This course has had a massive difference on me and I feel privileged to participate.


Senior Manager

Buy Now US$ 97.00
Buy Now US$ 97.00


Philip Oude-Vrielink

I'm an author, coach and facilitator, here to help you know who you are, why you’re here, and how to make it happen. I bridge the gap between giftedness, motivation and purpose — and bring them together so you can unleash your reason for being here.

Featured Book

Life on Purpose: Your true calling and how to create it

Oude-Vrielink, Philip

Published: 2013-03-01 by Integral Alchemy. 236 Pages. ISBN: 9780987522207

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