The Back Pain Project

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The Back Pain Project is designed to help people suffering from acute back pain alleviate that suffering in as little as four days. Start here to move towards complete freedom from chronic pain.

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Buy Now US$ 69.99

The Back-Pain Project is a multi-step series of home-courses that will get you from a point of immobility due to acute back pain to a place of complete freedom.

There are four parts to the program:

  1. Daily Movement Tips --- which are movement hacks that will help you move around with less pain.
  2. The Low Back First Aid Kit --- a 4 day program that will rehab your 29 core muscles and allow you to resume your activity goals.
  3. Core Rehab Series (coming soon)
  4. Advanced Core Series (coming soon)
Buy Now US$ 69.99

Included Courses


Daily Movement Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Use these movement hacks to quickly reduce and alleviate back pain

Dr Daniel Bockmann unveils a series of movement hacks that will help you get through your day with less back pain. Get out of bed, get out of a chair, and put your clothes on without fear.


The Low Back First-Aid Kit

Part 1 of a 3 part program to help banish back pain and get you back into the active life you've been missing

Dr Dan Bockmann shows you a few exercises to perform 3 times a day for 4 days to strengthen your core and overcome acute back pain.

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