Piano Zen

relaxing, meditative piano lessons for beginners. This is a bundled package that includes all 7 Piano Zen courses.

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Piano Zen is unlike any other music program that you can imagine! That's because it blends powerful, accessible learning techniques with an Eastern-inspired journey of self-discovery. If you enjoy yoga, tai chi, meditation, or simply need some stress relief, Piano Zen is for you!

Buy Now US$ 49.00
Buy Now US$ 49.00

What is Piano Zen?

You experience Piano Zen when you study using the Stillpoint Piano Method.

Think of it as mindfulness at the piano; a way to play the piano where you experience a flowing musical meditation. This moving meditation experience is very similar to tai chi.

The Stillpoint Method simply is like no other music instruction program you can imagine.

Stillpoint piano lessons are infused with elements of yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other Eastern disciplines. It is a way to achieve mind / body balance at the piano and experience your true, unlimited musical potential.

Simply, it is a whole new way to learn to play the piano.

This course is for those who love music and would like to learn how to express themselves in a natural, relaxing way at the piano.

You may be:

  • a complete beginner
  • a beginning student returning after years away
  • someone looking to reduce stress and anxiety in their life
  • ​a yoga, tai chi, qi gong, or meditation enthusiast that is intrigued to learn the piano in a Eastern and Western blended way

As a teacher, it has always been difficult to watch adult students struggle and suffer at the piano when all they really desire is a relaxing musical experience.

Searching for a remedy, I began to explore unique ways to practice the piano that are stress-free but still effective.

After years of experimentation and observation, it became apparent that the solution was for students to practice very slowly and mindfully.

Soon after this discovery, I created the Stillpoint Piano Method for beginners.

In the Stillpoint program, students learn to practice the piano mindfully and slowly much like they would in a tai chi or yoga class.

Each Stillpoint audio lesson begins with a peaceful relaxation session that allows your mind to soften and slow down. Students then enter into a state of mindfulness at the piano; a lucid state of awareness where every little thing about playing the piano becomes a beautiful mystery.​

As your mental processing relaxes and slows down, your senses come alive and your awareness of every musical experience becomes significantly heightened.

The Piano Zen approach opens your heart to music and makes playing the piano a beautiful and love-filled experience.

Why sign up for the entire Piano Zen course on Siminars?

  • the entire Piano Zen course is a comprehensive program
  • you learn to read music, improvise, compose, and play the piano with natural musical expression
  • access to an overwhelming amount of rich musical material taught using the Eastern-inspired Stillpoint Method
  • the entire Piano Zen course is the equivalent of almost nine months of piano lessons
  • It's almost impossible to find a teacher near you that uses this Eastern and Western blended approach
  • completing the entire Piano Zen course makes you eligible to enroll in the Stillpoint Piano Method certification program

In addition:

When you sign up for the entire Piano Zen program you will have unlimited access to the entire program:

  • Over 35 hours of guided, relaxing Stillpoint audio lessons
  • 26 HD video lessons that supplement your studies
  • 133 page Stillpoint Piano Workbook

All of 35 plus hours of Stillpoint audio lessons have been meticulously crafted over several years to replicate what it's like to take alive Stillpoint piano lesson with me in my studio.

I'm with you every step of the way in the audio lessons, guiding your piano practice using the unique and relaxing Stillpoint techniques.

There's no guess work, the lessons move slowly and mindfully through each level of instruction, gradually getting more complex and performance oriented as you move deeper into the course.

There are some other advantages to using this on-line version of the Piano Zen course:

  • cost effective compared to the individual Piano Zen programs
  • take piano lessons whenever you want
  • work at your own speed without leaving home

So, expect the unexpected with this Stillpoint Piano Method course at Siminars. It may be the start of something really amazing for you!

Once you complete this course you may wish to take your training to another level and become a certified Stillpoint instructor. You could then supplement your income teaching your own beginning Stillpoint piano students.

Stay tuned for announcements about the certification program.

In the meantime, signup today and let's get started together!

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Included Courses


Stillpoint Piano Method Workbook

This is the complete Stillpoint Workbook for you use with all of the Piano Zen courses

This Siminar contains the complete workbook for all of the Piano Zen Siminar courses. It contains 133 pages of music, graphics, technique training, exercises, and tips. It is only available for students that purchase the bundled version of all seven Piano Zen courses.


Music 101

This is the place to start if you are a complete beginner at the piano.

Music 101 gives you the basics. It covers the piano keyboard, music notation, rhythms, and finger exercises. Every step of the way is guided and easy to follow. Music 101 prepares you for the more challenging Piano Zen courses like Inner Sojourn and the Flowering Lotus.


Inner Sojourn

For beginners - Learn to play this expressive piano solo with a blend of Eastern and Western techniques

Inner Sojourn is a favorite piano solo among Stillpoint students because it has a mature, contemporary sound. Inner Sojourn has been artistically crafted to make it easy for beginning pianist to learn and perform. This Seminar will also teach you how to add expressive elements.


The Chimes of Ling Lun

An improvisation course for beginners

The Chimes of Ling Lun is an improvisational piano piece for beginners. Students learn how to use the five note black note pentatonic scale to create their own melodic improvisations. Each lesson provides new skills and training so that you can express yourself freely.


The Flowering Lotus

A fun and challenging improvisational piece for beginning pianists

The Flowering Lotus is one of the signature improvisational pieces in the Piano Zen program. This piece is a bit more challenging but it can provide a beginning piano student with a very sophisticated level of musical expression through intuitive improvisation.


The Reflecting Pond

a short piano solo inspired by the piano minatures of French composer Erik Satie

The Reflecting Pond is a short, beautiful contemporary piano piece. It can be studied as a companion Siminar along with the Music Workshop of the Piano Zen program. In the Reflecting Pond audio lessons, you will learn to play the song by reading and interpreting music notation.



- five creative improvisational piano pieces for beginners

The Excursion series contains five improvisational pieces with very flexible musical parameters. Each Excursion song gets slightly more challenging. Beginning students are encouraged to improvise freely and even create their own compositions from the musical elements presented.


Music Workshop

This Siminar will teach you how to read music using the Stillpoint Method

The Music Workshop helps build a solid foundation for reading music notation. The Workshop contains lots of exercises to help beginning piano students slow down the process of note identification so that they can read music with mind / body balance.

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My personal experience with The Stillpoint Piano Method was freeing and exhilarating. It gave me permission to explore through sound, breath, feeling, and trust. I found myself 'playing' the piano with spontaneous enjoyment after only a few lessons. While my family thought I was playing something I had learned, I was simply improvising and loving it! With respect to all things traditional that have enriched so many people's lives, including my own, there is appropriateness to allowing oneself the freedom to step over lines that at times may prevent us from being who we really are. My own life and work tells me that brilliance is within us all just waiting to be unleashed. The Stillpoint Piano Method is an empowering self discovery tool that will guide you over such lines and offer you the opportunity to increase creativity and joy by making learning to 'play' the piano fun and meaningful.

CJ McPhee

Energy Moves ® Explore the Whole You

I have never taken piano lessons, so when I was able to learn an intermediate piano piece in a very short time, I felt shocked. It was as if through the preparatory exercises I entered a relaxed, altered state that allowed music to flow out of my fingers. Not only was I more alert and at ease, I was more inspired and spontaneous. In one lesson I learned a beautiful piece of music that stuck with me for years. I am a yoga teacher and have been practicing yoga for 14 years, but this was entirely new and added an element that heightened the yogic aspect of the method--music. From the state of equilibrium that I experience when I deeply relax, I was now harmoniously expressing and that was so delightful. I was using parts of my brain I never had, and I didn't feel the awkward frustration that I would expect from not having any previous piano experience. I felt a state of transcendence and flow. I felt the expressive aspects of making music that would seem to only come after years. This is a method that will help so many people, not only those who want to learn piano, but those who want to deeply relax and heal. It has healing properties that extend beyond yoga, or piano playing individually.

Maria Allred

yoga instructor

When Thomas Rheingans introduced me to his Stillpoint Piano Method, I was immediately relaxed and felt like I was actually "taking a break" from the worries of life by sitting down to discover the piano. As we progressed, I realized I was learning about written notes, transferring them to my fingers, and making beautiful music... without any stress! Painfree piano lessons? Unheard of! His approach is vacation-like, and yet I was comfortably absorbing the technique without having to grit my teeth or memorize every detail. Making time to learn anything is nearly impossible these days! But, if you enjoy watching a movie or curling up with a good book, Thomas has created an enjoyable, and almost addictive, relationship for the new student and piano.

Bruce Beaton

Photographer Seattle, Washington - owner, commercial / corporate

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Buy Now US$ 49.00


Thomas Rheingans

Thomas Rheingans is the author of the Stillpoint Piano Method. Thomas has taught courses in classical, jazz, and music theory at several colleges in the United States. He has taught private piano lessons for over 25 years.