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Stillpoint Piano Method WorkbookThis is the complete Stillpoint Workbook for you use with all of the Piano Zen courses

This Siminar contains the complete workbook for all of the Piano Zen Siminar courses. It contains 133 pages of music, graphics, technique training, exercises, and tips. It is only available for students that purchase the bundled version of all seven Piano Zen courses.


Music 101This is the place to start if you are a complete beginner at the piano.

Music 101 gives you the basics. It covers the piano keyboard, music notation, rhythms, and finger exercises. Every step of the way is guided and easy to follow. Music 101 prepares you for the more challenging Piano Zen courses like Inner Sojourn and the Flowering Lotus.


Inner Sojourn For beginners - Learn to play this expressive piano solo with a blend of Eastern and Western techniques

Inner Sojourn is a favorite piano solo among Stillpoint students because it has a mature, contemporary sound. Inner Sojourn has been artistically crafted to make it easy for beginning pianist to learn and perform. This Seminar will also teach you how to add expressive elements.


The Chimes of Ling Lun An improvisation course for beginners

The Chimes of Ling Lun is an improvisational piano piece for beginners. Students learn how to use the five note black note pentatonic scale to create their own melodic improvisations. Each lesson provides new skills and training so that you can express yourself freely.


The Flowering Lotus A fun and challenging improvisational piece for beginning pianists

The Flowering Lotus is one of the signature improvisational pieces in the Piano Zen program. This piece is a bit more challenging but it can provide a beginning piano student with a very sophisticated level of musical expression through intuitive improvisation.


The Reflecting Ponda short piano solo inspired by the piano minatures of French composer Erik Satie

The Reflecting Pond is a short, beautiful contemporary piano piece. It can be studied as a companion Siminar along with the Music Workshop of the Piano Zen program. In the Reflecting Pond audio lessons, you will learn to play the song by reading and interpreting music notation.


Excursions - five creative improvisational piano pieces for beginners

The Excursion series contains five improvisational pieces with very flexible musical parameters. Each Excursion song gets slightly more challenging. Beginning students are encouraged to improvise freely and even create their own compositions from the musical elements presented.


Music WorkshopThis Siminar will teach you how to read music using the Stillpoint Method

The Music Workshop helps build a solid foundation for reading music notation. The Workshop contains lots of exercises to help beginning piano students slow down the process of note identification so that they can read music with mind / body balance.

Course Summary:

Piano Zen is unlike any other music program that you can imagine! That's because it blends powerful, accessible learning techniques with an Eastern-inspired journey of self-discovery. If you enjoy yoga, tai chi, meditation, or simply need some stress relief, Piano Zen is for you!

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Thomas Rheingans:  Thomas Rheingans is the author of the Stillpoint Piano Method. Thomas has taught courses in classical, jazz, and music theory at several colleges in the United States. He has taught private piano lessons for over 25 years.  View Profile