The MRE Challenge

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The MRE 6-Day Challenge leads you, in just a few minutes each day, through a process of self-discovery to uncover your inner Maven, Relater or Evangelist.

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You've gone through Discover Your Core Energy and have a solid grasp of the differences between Mavens, Relaters and Evangelists. Now, over the course of the next six days, in just minutes a day, you'll discover which of the MRE triad defines you.

You'll get a message each day asking you to continue your journey in small steps. Please log in when you get that message; we've designed this experience to be quick and fun, so if you keep up it'll be easy.

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Included Courses



Maven, Relater or Evangelist?

Based on the book The Human Fabric by Bijoy Goswami, this Siminar is designed to be an interactive online experience. We hope you enjoy this online experience and share your feedback with us.

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Bijoy Goswami

Steward of Meaning Models: MRE, Bootstrap, ATX Equation, JOurneY, Human Fugue.