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Career Artisan helps you get more out of your career and find jobs that are a good fit. Created by Scott Uhrig, the program is based on his work as a career advisor and executive recruiter, his own experience looking for jobs, and research into successful job search.

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People want more out of their jobs and careers, but they're not sure what more means, and they don't know how to get it. People who get more out of their careers think deeply about what more really means, and they explore new definitions of career success. They replace traditional career management with new frameworks and processes that deal more effectively with uncertainty, change, and imperfect information. They learn how to conduct job searches by networking effectively beyond their existing circle of acquaintances. Then they build their careers one successful job search at a time.

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Included Courses


Rethinking Career Success

Get More Out of Your Career

Discover how to get more out of your career. Developing a strong sense of true career success will provide a compass as you navigate a more fulfilling career path.


Rethinking Career Management

Practice Agile Career Development

Armed with a framework for career success, we now have a way to start thinking about what more means to us. But we also need a way to get it, and in this regard, traditional career management falls short. How do we keep moving in the right direction?


Rethinking the Job Search

Understand the Hiring Manager's Perspective

The job search has evolved from something we do for a few months when we feel its time for a change to a constant process. By understanding the hiring process, we see we need to be smarter about how we leverage our networks to stay in the know regarding potential opportunities.

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Scott Uhrig

Founder, OnTarget and Founder/Partner, Whiterock Partners