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Do you struggle to connect with a particular person in your life? Do you know what a narcissist is? Do you wonder if someone in your personal or work life might be a narcissist? If so, this series can help you resolve some of your questions and give you the tools to move forward.

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You are welcome to register for the free siminar, 7 Tips for Immediate Sweet Relief, and use your experience there to consider whether the entire series can be of use to you. There is absolutely no obligation to continue beyond this first free siminar, it is a gift to you. 7 Quick Tips for Immediate Sweet Relief is a pro-active resource that provides practical options you can apply today.

The series of three siminars, The Path of Sweet Relief, is both reflective and skill building. It allows you to look at yourself, your relationship, your habits, and triggers. It walks you through a variety of exercises and resources oriented toward deepening your understanding of what is going on in your relationship. The hope for people who choose The Path of Sweet Relief is freedom from the dissonance that goes along with being involved with a narcissist.

You might be concerned with revealing your identity by signing up for this offering. It’s not unusual to be cautious when you suspect you’re involved with a narcissist. Please know that you can maintain your privacy as you sign up and as you participate. Siminars has created a way for you to maintain your anonymity throughout the courses. You can sign up using an anonymous dedicated email address that you already have or create which masks your identity (for example you could be If you prefer to sign up using one of the social media accounts you can easily mask your identity in the course itself. If you’d like more clarity please watch the short video at the beginning of the first siminar that explains your options. If you already have a siminars account that uses your social media identity, or if you have other privacy questions, contact and they'll help make privacy happen for you.

By participating in this series, you will provide yourself options for making a well thought out decision in regard to family (or workplace) and the narcissist in your life. You will develop insights, skills and options that will widen your horizons. Please defer decisions for your future, and for the place of this relationship in your life, until you have completed this deeply personal journey.

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Included Courses


7 Quick Tips for Immediate Sweet Relief | FREE

Learn whether there might be a narcissist in your life, and if so how to begin dealing with this

Are you finding it hard to connect with a particular person in your life? Are you frustrated or confused? Do you wonder if someone in your life is a narcissist? This siminar provides immediately useful practical ideas for taking care of yourself.


Reclaim Your Life

Start down the Path of Sweet Relief by Getting to Know Yourself

The foundation for relief, when there is an everyday narcissist in your life, is found in reclaiming your attention and focusing it back on your Self. To support you in this effort, this siminar provides exercises to get you thinking about you.


See Life As Is

Continue Down the Path of Sweet Relief by Getting to Know Your Narcissist

We spend much of our daily life engaged in silent mental chatter. It’s illuminating to get what you know about a particular relationship out of your head and on to paper so you can objectively see what is really going on. This siminar walks you through a process to do just that.


Create Lasting Change

Complete the Path of Sweet Relief by Learning Skills for Equanimity, Healing and Decisions about the Future

Congratulations – you’ve grown your self-awareness and your ability to take deep care of your Self. This final siminar builds on what you’ve learned and gets to the practical application of creating new skills that will strengthen you and calm your life.

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Melissa Schenker

Author of Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist. Fifteen years as a Work/Life consultant based in Austin, Texas.

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Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist

Schenker, Melissa

Moody, Tina

Published: 2012-04-27 by Live Oak Book Company. 170 Pages. ISBN: 9781936909414

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