Locate your Core Energy in 6 Days

Maven, Relater or Evangelist?

Based on the book The Human Fabric by Bijoy Goswami, this Siminar is designed to be an interactive online experience. We hope you enjoy this online experience and share your feedback with us.

This is a Follow up Siminar to the "Discover Core Energy" Siminar based on the book The Human Fabric by Bijoy Goswami. This Siminar is designed to be an experience online, that should be consumed over 6 days, with one step being released everyday to you. This is by design, to give time for marination and processing of the concepts.


1 MREmap: Steps 1 & 2

Self-declare your initial MRE assessment and get feedback from family, friends, coworkers

  1. MRE MAP is a web based tool we created to make it easy for MRE explorers to present themselves to their friends and families and gather some insights. Create an account on MREmap.com
  2. MREmap: Step 1
  3. Mark your energy as you see it now : Major/Minor
  4. MREmap: Step 2

2 Your MRE Journey

  1. MRE Interview
  2. Bijoy's MRE Journey
  3. Create an MRE timeline of your life
  4. Determine the MRE Concentration

3 MRE Feedback, Round 1

Examine the feedback you are getting from others in MREmap and dialog with them about it.

  1. Check the feedback you are getting on MREmap
  2. OPTIONAL : share your revelations from conversations briefly?

4 MRE In relationships

A revelation of dynamics of core relationships through the MRE Lens

  1. Make a list of 5 Romantic Interests of your life. Could be high school sweethearts, Crushes, Flings. Close your eyes, and write down the top 5 names that come to mind when you think of "romance in your life"
  2. Make a second list of 5 of your most significant friendships. Close eyes, write down the first 5 names that come to mind when you think of "my friends"
  3. Now list 5 of Collaborators that were great to work with? could be projects in school, work, bosses, etc.
  4. Next to each of them notate what you perceive their CORE major energy is per the MRE framework.Invite them to start their MRE Journey by sending them the Discover Core Energy Siminar at http://smnr.me/TPTexb
  5. MRE in relationships
  6. Briefly summarize the pattern. What is your core energy and what did you notice about the energies of the 5 people on your list?

5 MRE Feedback, Round 2

  1. Check the feedback you are getting on MREmap
  2. Has your MRE designation changed between step 3 and step 5?

6 Complete your MRE Profile!

  1. Complete Step 3 on MREmap
  2. Did you shift your MRE designation from when you began the challenge? If Yes, share what changed in the comments.
  3. Help us improve this Siminar by filling out this brief survey.


Bijoy Goswami

Steward of Meaning Models: MRE, Bootstrap, ATX Equation, JOurneY, Human Fugue.

Featured Book

The Human Fabric: Unleashing the Power of Core Energy in Everyone

Goswami, Bijoy

Published: 2004-11 by Aviri Publishing. 160 Pages. ISBN: 9780976057406