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Course Syllabus:


MRE Feedback, Round 1

Examine the feedback you are getting from others in MREmap and dialog with them about it.

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  1. Check the feedback you are getting on MREmap
  2. OPTIONAL : share your revelations from conversations briefly?

Course Summary: Edit

Based on the book The Human Fabric by Bijoy Goswami, this Siminar is designed to be an interactive online experience. We hope you enjoy this online experience and share your feedback with us.

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Bijoy Goswami: Steward of Meaning Models: MRE, Bootstrap, ATX Equation, JOurneY, Human Fugue.  View Profile

Neeraj Bansal: CoFounder and President of Siminars. Love to see great ideas be explained easily so everyone can benefit. We started and continue to work on this to democratize great knowledge that can be consumed easily. Love to hear feedback and ideas from all.  View Profile

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