Unleash Your Authentic Spirituality

Be Awake, Grateful and in Awe of what IS

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Connection to a higher power is an equal opportunity endeavor. There is no gatekeeper to God. So forget about getting permission from any so-called authority, and go for it. Do it your own way. No preaching. No proselytizing. Just personal truth. That's what this IS.

Buy Now US$ 14.98
Buy Now US$ 14.98

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Life IS a Celebration

Your spiritual anchor IS... well, whatever works. Introducing the Holy Disco Ball. Let’s get this party started.

As you begin to embrace your authentic spirituality, don't be surprised if it's a really good time. We can get the most out of life as we remember to be awake, grateful and in awe - starting now.


The Divine Embodied

Honoring your body and nature is a legit form of worship.

Stay grounded in the magic of your body and the mystery of nature as you embrace your authentic spirituality.


The Divine Unseen

Getting in touch with the ineffable aspects of Self and Source.

The more we realize that life is a co-creation with the ultimate creator, the more fun it becomes. Let's begin by paying attention to all the clues that point towards first-hand faith.

Buy Now US$ 14.98
Buy Now US$ 14.98


Faith Freed

Hay House Author and Clinician at The Entelechy Wellness Center, Faith shares "IS" to inspire and affirm your authentic spirituality. Through her writing and work, she assists free-thinkers to live multi-faceted lives of meaning and celebration. Read more at faithfreed.com.

Bharat Chopra

I am the Publisher at Siminars. Karma brought me here. (Karma is the lab in pic.) Siminars is the perfect fit for me between helping people publish amazing, interactive content that can change our customers lives... and building an exciting business and brand that people adore.

Bronte Bejarano

I am one of the instructional designers at Siminars. I enjoy learning about new concepts and ideas and believe that it's time for a revolution in education to occur.