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Learn whether there might be a narcissist in your life, and if so how to begin dealing with this

Are you finding it hard to connect with a particular person in your life? Are you frustrated or confused? Do you wonder if someone in your life is a narcissist? This siminar provides immediately useful practical ideas for taking care of yourself.

Do you have a relationship in your personal life that is confusing you and causing you distress? At work, does the term “successful collaboration” sound unattainable?

If your immediate answer was “yes”, you might be involved with a narcissist – a self absorbed spouse, partner, family member, friend, boss or co-worker.

All of us encounter narcissists every day, in every walk of life. Surprisingly, even the people we hold nearest to our hearts could be narcissists. If you’re in a difficult relationship, it might be time to step back, ascertain if the behavior stems from narcissism, and get some relief.


1 Welcome to Sweet Relief!

Think there might have a narcissist in your life? Welcome to the path to creating relief - may you find the support you need in these Siminars and among the community here.

  1. Are you worried that you may be involved with a narcissist? You've come to the right place. This Siminar will help you on the road to Sweet Relief. Watch this ultra short video to get started!
  2. Quiz! Is there a narcissist in your life?
  3. Learn More About the Signs of Narcissism
  4. Get details - Want more information to help you determine whether you're in relationship with a narcissist? Read "Your Experience" - Ch. 3: Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist
  5. Narcissists are Both Male and Female
  6. Use Discretion
  7. Capture Your Thoughts and Keep Them Private
  8. Create a Support Network

2 Avoid Confrontations and Blow-ups in the First Place

Tips 1-3: Stay Positive, Ask Questions, and Avoid "I" phrases

  1. SWEET RELIEF TIP #1: Rely on Positive Reinforcement, Avoid Criticism
  2. Practice Tip #1: Try saying positive things or staying neutral at times when you'd normally take the bait to go negative.
  3. SWEET RELIEF TIP #2: Ask the Narcissist What He Wants First
  4. Practice Tip #2: Try asking what the narcissist wants first, from the get go.
  5. SWEET RELIEF TIP #3: Avoid Ownership of Ideas ("I" statements)
  6. Practice Tip #3: Make a list of phrases you would like to try.

3 Manage your emotions without involving the narcissist

Tips 4-5: Keep Your Cool and Keep a List of Phrases to Use

  1. SWEET RELIEF TIP #4: Keep Calm Around the Narcissist in Your Life
  2. Practice Tip #4: Try other ways to process your anger.
  3. SWEET RELIEF TIP #5: Have Phrases to Say When You Don't Know What to Say
  4. Practice Tip #5: Make a list some phrases you can use in a pinch.

4 Find Time and Space for Yourself

Tips 6-7: Develop Self-Reliance and Find Time and Space for Yourself

  1. SWEET RELIEF TIP #6: Rely on Yourself, Not So Much on the Narcissist in Your Life
  2. Practice Tip #6: Consider alternative ways to get things handled. Are there other people who could help you?
  3. Bonus Tip: Remember to couple Tip #6 with Tip #1 (Stay positive.)
  4. SWEET RELIEF TIP #7: Pay Attention to Yourself
  5. Practice Tip #7: Get some time alone. Clear your head. Enjoy yourself.

5 Keep Learning and Practicing

You've gotten started on the path toward relief. Continued learning and practice will deepen your understanding and lead you toward healing. The result will be a happier you.

  1. Awareness, Practice and Support
  2. Reading Task: Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist
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Melissa Schenker

Author of Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist. Fifteen years as a Work/Life consultant based in Austin, Texas.

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