Habitude Warrior: YES Attitude

Master the Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Dreams

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The law of attraction influences every aspect of your life whether you're aware of it or not. In this siminar learn how to use the law of attraction and auto-suggestive theory to achieve your ultimate goal and become a habitute warrior!

Buy Now US$ 9.99
Buy Now US$ 9.99

Habitude Warrior training is designed for you to take your life from where you are now to where you really want to go! Change your habits and your attitudes, and your life will change right along with it.

Mr. ERIK SWANSON, has put together a system in which he takes you on a journey. He shares the most important habits of your life in 5 interactive Siminars. His strategy emphasizes finding congruency with your specific goals. He provides you a proven method of developing great new habits and maintaining an amazing 'Yes' attitude throughout each and every day of your life. Whether you are interested in growing in your personal life, your business, your studies, your relationships, this system does ALL of that and more.

These 5 Siminars will help you both understand and implement these amazing tools into your life:

1) Setting Goals

2) Law of Attraction - YES

3) Time and Stress Management (coming soon)

4) The Abundance Theory (coming soon)

5) Relationship Recipes (coming soon)

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1 Energy Resonates

Discover the ways your subconscious thoughts are influencing your current experience of reality and how to use those thoughts to create the life you want.

  1. To Be or Not to Be?
  2. Fake it 'Til You Make It
  3. Why Do Good Things Happen to You?
  4. The Wheel of Thought
  5. Create a Daily Creed
  6. Thoughts Expand

2 Becoming a Master Power Attractor - Part 1

Mastering Auto-Suggestive Theory often requires a complete mental overhaul. ​To remove all of your negative subconscious thoughts, you must employ Auto-Suggestive Theory daily by practicing the five YES Habitudes over the next five days.

  1. YES Habitude 1: Visualize Your Goal
  2. Top of Mind Awareness
  3. YES Habitude 2: Write Everything Down
  4. Consistency is Key
  5. Expansive Improvement

3 Becoming a Master Power Attractor - Part 2

In addition to visualization and writing, consistently remind yourself of your goal and behave as if you already have exactly what you are seeking. The more you apply these principles, the more rapidly and precisely your goal will materialize.

  1. YES Habitude 3: Create Triggers
  2. The Reality You Want is Already Here
  3. YES Habitude 4: Act As If
  4. A Moment of Reflection
  5. Feelings are Contagious

4 Becoming a Master Power Attractor - Part 3

The universe will respond. Harnessing the Law of Attraction and Auto-Suggestive Theory will lead to the materialization of your ultimate goal and give you the confidence you need to dream and do bigger things.

  1. Enhance Your Results
  2. YES Habitude 5: Create a Positive Mental Environment
  3. It Comes with Practice
  4. Make the YES Attitude Permanent
Buy Now US$ 9.99
Buy Now US$ 9.99



Speaker, Trainer, Author, Motivator & Success Coach ERIK SWANSON has been changing lives all over the world with his innovative approach and proven method to teach you how to systematically change your habits and attitudes for the better! HABITUDES !!!