Discover Core Energy

It's Why You Are, Not What You Are

This Siminar, based on Bijoy Goswami's book "The Human Fabric," introduces the concept of the three types of core energy that reside in all people.

There are, fundamentally, only three kinds of people in the world.

Many people struggle to understand and communicate effectively with others. Every individual seems incomprehensibly unique, and every connection takes considerable effort. ​But, when you understand the three core energy types, you can identify the needs and strengths of all people - yourself included - with ease. Collaboration, communication, and mutual growth naturally follow.

In this Siminar, you will discover the three core motivations that drive behavior. You will begin your journey to a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

As you continue to explore core energy, you will also learn to:

  • Identify and deepen your natural strengths
  • Develop your potential​
  • Discover which organizations and tasks you are best suited for​
  • Understand people's underlying motivations
  • Build stronger personal and professional relationships
  • Assemble more successful teams
  • Develop innovative products and services based on the core types of your customers
  • Help children realize their true potential earlier in life
  • Shape more effective social and economic policies​


Bijoy Goswami

Steward of Meaning Models: MRE, Bootstrap, ATX Equation, JOurneY, Human Fugue.


It will positively impact your relationships with coworkers, friends, and your spouse.

Mark Crane

A roadmap to a better understanding of relationship dynamics - professional and personal. Rollo May and even ol' Abe Maslow would applaud.

Patrick Talley

The Human Fabric has really given me unique insight into not only the personalities of my co-workers but also into my own to help me respect strengths and recognize weaknesses. Its simplicity has already assisted me in negotiations, sales and customer service.

J. Davis

Bijoy does a great job of tying together modern management, eastern philosophy, and social sciences to provide a rather simple yet powerful framework for understanding and relating to people.

Manoj Saxena

Featured Book

The Human Fabric: Unleashing the Power of Core Energy in Everyone

Goswami, Bijoy

Published: 2004-11 by Aviri Publishing. 160 Pages. ISBN: 9780976057406