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Start down the Path of Sweet Relief by Getting to Know Yourself

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The foundation for relief, when there is an everyday narcissist in your life, is found in reclaiming your attention and focusing it back on your Self. To support you in this effort, this siminar provides exercises to get you thinking about you.

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Buy Now US$ 39.99

You're here looking for a ways to find relief in a difficult relationship. You are not alone; there are narcissists in our families, workplaces, and communities. Dealing effectively with a narcissist takes awareness and skill. In this first siminar, you'll begin the foundational step:

  1. You'll begin to shift your attention from the narcissist in your life back to your own self and life.
  2. You'll start paying attention to what you like and what you want for yourself.

This can be done quietly, without fanfare, without creating havoc in your life. Through this awareness and practice, you'll grow your personal strength, and move easily down the Path of Sweet Relief.

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1 Getting Started

Welcome to Sweet Relief. Here are some simple things to consider as you get started.

  1. Welcome to The Path of Sweet Relief!
  2. Avoid calling your "narcissist" out.
  3. Capture observations and ideas while maintaining privacy.
  4. If you want to be anonymous in this Siminar, watch this video
  5. Decisions about the future
  6. Use the Siminar Community
  7. Keep your thoughts private

2 What you'll encounter along the path to relief

Read about the goals and ideas behind the book, this Siminar, and the entire Sweet Relief process.

  1. Effectiveness and Healing
  2. Building Awareness
  3. Acceptance without Blame
  4. Understanding and Updating Your Habitual Reactions
  5. Experiment, Tweak, and Practice
  6. Equanimity - A Beginning
  7. Diplomacy
  8. Vitality

3 Shift Your Attention Toward Yourself

Remembering to be curious about yourself and what you want is a simple, powerful way to reform yourself and your relationship.

  1. Starting the Shift
  2. "What do I want?"
  3. A few self care ideas
  4. Practice, practice, practice
  5. Support Your Awareness

4 What matters most to you?

Knowing your values and "likes/don't likes" can help you be true to yourself.

  1. Values Matter
  2. Complete this Values Assessment
  3. Get back in touch
  4. Complete this exercise
  5. Your Take-aways

5 Consider Equanimity:

an achievable, useful way to think about going through life.

  1. Equanimity - A Useful Concept
  2. A short essay on Equanimity
  3. Developing Equanimity
  4. Put Equanimity into Action
  5. Experiment, Tweak, Practice: What might work for you?
  6. Optional reading Chapter 1: Happiness: Essential Mindfulness Practices
  7. Optional reading: Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

6 Take stock of your current emotional state.

Humans are emotional creatures. The feelings in our lives are partially internally generated and partially in reaction to external sources. Take time to consider where you most commonly dwell. Is it consistent with who you are, or who you want to be?

  1. Your emotional state
  2. Your current common emotions
  3. Compare past to present
  4. Which emotions would you prefer to experience now?
  5. What are your main take-aways?
  6. Consider additional resources

7 What are your current priorities?

Considering your priorities is crucial to guiding yourself through this growth and change process. You could create unintended consequences by jumping into action without thinking through what matters to you, what you want to happen and how you want to handle yourself.

  1. Consider your priorities
  2. Get clear about your big picture goals
  3. For parents - child related priorities

8 Your first step on the path to relief is complete.

You've made major progress along the path of Sweet Relief.

  1. Congratulations - you've made major progress along the Path of Sweet Relief
  2. Continuing on the Path of Sweet Relief
  3. If you haven't read it yet, consider reading: Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist
Buy Now US$ 39.99
Buy Now US$ 39.99


Melissa Schenker

Author of Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist. Fifteen years as a Work/Life consultant based in Austin, Texas.

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Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist

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