Crowdfunding Under the JOBS Act

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“Crowdfunding” is a new way for entrepreneurs to seek investment dollars – but do you know how to “legally” raise funds through Crowdfunding? This Siminar is part of Bootstrap Austin's "Bootstrap U." and will show you how to comply with the legalities of Crowdfunding!

So you're an entrepreneur! (or you want to be one!)

You have an idea for the next big thing . . . or a product that everyone will want! All that's keeping you back is money to fund your company.

You read the technology press and you've learned about something called CROWDFUNDING. Could that be your solution? Not quite sure what it is? Take a look at the video above courtesy of It describes Crowdsourcing - using the skills of a distributed network of people for some purpose - and Crowdfunding is simply using Crowdsourcing as a way to raise money.

You might think Crowdfunding looks easy - you just put up a notice on your company's website looking for investors so that interested investors can find you...and then the checks arrive!

Well, not exactly.

Crowdfunding for start-ups is now "legal" under U.S. securities law, but do you really know what your company must do to lawfully raise funds through Crowdfunding?

This free Siminar is part of Bootstrap Austin's "Bootstrap U." and is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are curious about Crowdfunding. It's designed for entrepreneurs and will teach you about Crowdfunding in a few Steps. We've kept the "legalese" to a minimum and have focused on what a businessperson "needs to know." Enroll today to learn about this new way to fund your endeavor!



1 Ready! . . . Set! . . . uh, Go?

I just have to put up a notice I need cash from the Crowd and then I'm set, right? Right??

  1. Investors - I'm Ready! Cut Me a Check!
  2. "Mr. Spock! What . . . IS . . . Crowdfunding?"
  3. Components of a Crowdfunding event
  4. NOTE: This Isn't Legal Advice

2 What if I Want to Raise Money from Investors NOW?

Securities law as it is today

  1. How is the SEC like a Terminator? THEIR MISSION IS TO PROTECT YOU.
  2. Wah! Wah! It's not Fair!
  3. This Is Where the JOBS Act Comes In

3 How Much Your Company Can Raise, and from Whom

Section 302(a) of the JOBS Act

  1. The Exemption - And How Much!
  2. Your Investors
  3. The Broker or Funding Portal Requirement

4 Brokers and Funding Portals

Section 302(b) of the JOBS Act - Part 1

  1. Funding Portal? What's that?
  2. Sales through the broker or funding portal
  3. Wondering where to find a funding portal? Check the website of the Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS). The CAPS website lists funding portals that have received the "ribbon of accreditation" from this self-regulating body.

5 What Your Company Must File

Section 302(b) of the JOBS Act - Part 2

  1. Your filing requirements under Section 302(b)
  2. What else you'll have to do
  3. Can I get in trouble for any of this?
  4. Some guidance - Form 1-A and Form D

6 The Remaining Sections of the JOBS Act

Sections 303 and 305 of Title III

  1. Section 303 - The "500 Shareholder" Limit
  2. Section 305

7 OK Great . . . So What Does All This MEAN For Me???

What you need to take away from this Siminar

  1. Think about if Crowdfunding will work for your company - but don't do anything yet!
  2. Crowdfunding vs the "Traditional" investment
  3. Your Facilitator's Humble Opinion
  4. Comments? Concerns? Relay them to the SEC!
  5. Want to learn more? I've read this book and found it informative. It presents a wide-view of crowdfunding well beyond this Siminar.: The Crowdfunding Revolution: How to Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media