Neeraj Bansal


CoFounder and President of Siminars. Love to see great ideas be explained easily so everyone can benefit. We started and continue to work on this to democratize great knowledge that can be consumed easily. Love to hear feedback and ideas from all.

Bundles Neeraj Bansal Facilitates:

Courses Neeraj Bansal Facilitates:


This sign is symbolized through the Water-Bearer.


This sign is symbolized through the Ram.

Backstage Wall Street

An Insider's Guide to Knowing Who to Trust, Who to Run From, and How to Maximize Your Investments

Blogger's Boot Camp 1

Finding Your Topic

Bloggers Boot Camp | Break the Story

The PR Challenge

Bloggers Boot Camp | Create Timeless Content

The Evergreen Challenge

Bloggers Boot Camp | Create a Revenue Flow

The Monetization Challenge

Bloggers Boot Camp | Increase Your Blog's Relevance

The Search Engine Optimization Challenge

Bloggers Boot Camp | Take Professional Photos & Videos

The Media Challenge

Business Beyond the Speed of Change

Based on the Business Genome Project of Andrea Kates, author of "Find Your Next"


This sign is symbolized through the Crab.


This sign is symbolized through the Goat.

Dating Tactics For Men Over 40


Deepak Chopra's Second Spiritual Law

Experience Abundance

Diabetes & YOU

Care Control and Manage

Discover Core Energy STORYBOARD

It's Why You Are, Not What You Are


This sign is symbolized by the Twins.

Get Financing Now (a free book preview)

How to navigate through bankers, investors, and alternative sources for the capital your business needs.

How to Create Courses that are Effective

Use Story telling principles to layout your courses

How to Fix a Toilet

Reclaim the Throne


The Psychology of Persuasion

Is Your Diet Hurting You?

Undiagnosed Food Allergies Could Be Slowing You Down.

JOurneY Experience (Austin)

Steward your Meaning

JOurneY Online Only Experience

Steward your Meaning

Lean Content

Empowering Content Creators in the new Digital Economy

Learn the Secrets of the Horoscope Signs

...Ancient wisdom for the modern day world.


This sign is symbolized through the Lion.


This sign is symbolized through the Scales.

Nimble Media - Review Website Brief Creation

Instructions for creating writer briefs for product & service review websites.


This sign is symbolized through the Fish.

Presentation Zen - Garr Reynolds

Rethink your presentations to tell a powerful story

SM kwd research guide

This siminar introduces the basics of how to understand buyer psychology.


This sign is symbolized through the Archer.


This sign is symbolized through the Scorpion.

Seven Spiritual Laws


Spiritual Mastery for Success


Startup Metrics 4 Pirates

How to Give the GOOD Metrics

Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream (a free book preview)

The Scoop on Increasing Profit by Differentiating Your Company

Stress Relief with Qi Gong

Reduce Stress, Strengthen Core and Mental Energies in 3 Steps

Systems of Man - Money Chapter

Overview of Money Systems and how they operate


This sign is symbolized through the Bull.

Teach Your Idea Online

Create a Student-Centered Learning Experience

The ABC's of Family Engagement

Attitude, Building Capacity, and Collaboration is part of the Parent-Teacher A to G package

The Happiness Formula

with Deepak Chopra

The Instant Survivor (book preview)

Right Ways to Respond when Things Go Wrong

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

How To Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience

The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs


This sign is symbolized through the Virgin.

Your Killer Emotions (book preview)

Master the Toxic Emotions, Urges, and Impulses That Sabotage You


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