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In this free Siminar, you will get acquainted with key concepts of the Ars Amorata, a celebration of the art of love, the rebirth of romance and a testament to the beauty of the feminine spirit. After taking this free preview, sign up for the Ars Amorata 90 Day Transformation!

There are millions of single men and women in this world, all hoping toconnect with someone. Yet it seems that in our hyper-connected world,connecting with someone is even harder than ever.

So men look for tips and techniques on how to get women frombooks, seminars, bootcamps and DVDs. But these quick fixes never feelnatural, real or honest. That's because it's always taught as a game, aseries of tricks and routines.

But what if we could connect authentically? What if there was a different way? The Ars Amorata by Zan Perrion and Hans Comynis the first program of its kind; less about dating and more aboutliving an attractive life. Doing so allows a man to have the kind ofrelationships he desires with women.

In this free Siminar, you will get acquainted with somekey concepts of the Ars Amorata, a message based on concepts firstdeveloped by Zan Perrion, an acclaimed writer, speaker and life coachwho's been featured in the magazines Macleans, Men's Health, Bobbi and UMM.You'll be introduced to the same material that - until now - Zan andHans have only made available to enrollees of the full Ars Amoratacourse. After you've completed this Siminar, you'll have the opportunity to enroll in the full Ars Amorata courseand be plugged into the Amorati Network for as long as you arecommitted to more excellence in your life and in your relationships withwomen.

Are you ready to become a more attractive man? Are you ready to achieve the life you desire? Enroll in this free Siminar today!


Zan Perrion

The Gypsy Pirate

Hans Comyn

minimalist nomad. gypsy warlord. tardean sociologist and primal philosopher. connection artist. philanthropic mediator and facilitator of the encounter, creating space for both men and women to express themselves authentically into this world and make true connections.

Ars Amorata

Ars Amorata is the art of love. We teach men how to be lovers. The Amorati are the world's greatest lovers!